Cyber Security Services

Make sure technology doesn't get in the way of business operations.

Cyber Security Services

Network and Security

Acumen’s array of services and tools monitors all threats and targeted cyberattacks 24/7 to protect your network. Our managed network and security services are updated constantly using advanced detection technology. In addition, our highly experienced security analysts provide breadth of knowledge of multiple customers to secure your networks using the most up-to-date data available.

Data Protection

Our enterprise-wide data protection platform addresses today’s security challenges, demands, and is flexible enough to meet tomorrow’s growing needs. Services include data-at-rest encryption, access controls, and complete audit logging using any cloud or on premise platform without changing your current applications, databases, or infrastructure

Penetration Testing

In order to make sure that your systems are protected, it is important to evaluate your exposure from the perspective of a hacker.
At Acumen Media, we do this though a process called penetration testing, or pentest for short. We have a team of dedicated ethical hackers that work to discover vulnerabilities in your organization. The team will use the same tools and techniques used by hackers and identity thieves. They will prioritize the risks in a report. We will then help guide your organization to resolving the penetration test results.

Cyber Security Consulting

It is becoming a challenge to keep up with all the projects and operational duties that require skilled cyber security resources. This challenge is expected to continue throughout 2018 and beyond. If your organization is in need of cyber security professionals, we are here to assist. Our security consultants can be available on demand, or full time to meet operational challenges.
We have on demand Cyber Security Consultants to assist with short or long term security projects. This is often the best way to reduce costs while ensuring you have cyber security expertise when you need it the most. We have experts that specialize in most security products on the market. We can be available full time for operational security challenges that you are faced with throughout the year. Our goal is to be an extension of your team available as much or as little as you need.

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