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e-learning courses that are tailored to your exact training needs

eLearning Services

eLearning Development

Our upgrades provide automation and scripting of common activities such as monitoring, patch management, security reviews, backup services, and we provides full-lifecycle services to provision, run, and support your infrastructure in any of the current cloud or on premise technologies. We will enforce your corporate and security infrastructure policies, and enable you to develop solutions and applications using your preferred development approach.

Microlearning Solutions

Everything we do is customized. We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. Whether it be MicroLearning or Millennial Training, we will find a personalized solution for you. We specializes in MicroLearning strategies that allow companies to deliver training in bite-sized, cost-effective chunks. This innovative and proven technique allows employees to quickly make incremental gains in learning and increase information retention. We’re here to listen to your specific requirements. Our tailored MicroLearning Solutions will not only increase employee engagement, but will also improve your organization’s overall productivity.PC/ Laptop/Mac Support

Mobile devices account for 56% of web traffic

According to SimilarWeb's State of Mobile Web US 2015 report, roughly 56 percent of consumer traffic to the leading US website is now from mobile devices.

Mobile Solutions

Responsive Design:
Today's learners want a seamless experience, whether they are working on a desktop, a tablet, or a phone. Responsive design enables instant scaling and visual adjustments to ensure that learning elements look great, and work smoothly on any size screens.
Progressive Tracking:
Busy professionals don't want to search through endless menus to pick up where they left off. A great mobile learning experience includes the ability to track progress, pause at any point, and resume quickly.
Learning Paths:
Learning doesn't always happen in a straight line. The old model of online learning involved longer format, sequential programs. Mobile learning, combined with micro learning, creates stackable, customizable learning paths so the experience can be unique to each learner.
Bandwidth Optimization:
Well-designed mobile learning programs account for variable bandwidth. From wi-fi awareness to bandwidth throttling, smart mobile technology keeps the experience seamless, while minimizing data usage.

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