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Kara Miller

Kara Miller- US Department of State

Chad is amazing to work with and his communication skills exceed most IT system designers that I have had the pleasure to work with or hire!! His ability to listen to the customer and determine what best services to recommend to improve customer service and business needs is one of his best attributes. His cheerful personality and professionalism to everyone he comes into contact with… no matter how complicated or how stressful the situation is. He always has a solution and/or will bring one. Chad is creative and someone I enjoy working with immensely. Speaking as a prior HR Director I would snatch him up in a heartbeat!

Lora Buono

Lora Buono-Tyler- Director, Enterprise Solutions

Chad has accomplished a great deal in the past year for iQor, fine tuning its foundational Leader Library and overall strategic L&D infrastructure to reach a dramatically expanded global employee base. Working on the next level integration required to effectively run the larger business, he's making a significant contribution to operational efficiencies. It is a real pleasure to work with a versatile person of multiple talents like Chad. He brings that unique blend of business knowledge, learning acumen, technical capabilities and the vision necessary to capably support any growing organization.

Mark Monaghan

Mark Monaghan- VP of Global Learning

Chad is a very talented and experienced eLearning and IT professional. He has a wide range of skills, from platform administration to full learning development. The quality of his work is excellent and he has proved to be a valuable member of the training team at iQor. Chad always brings a positive attitude and hard work ethic to the projects he supports.

Dana Wolf

Dana Wolf- Director of Quality Programs

Chad is wonderful to work with. He isn't just the "IT" guy. He is so much more. Rather then only "fixing" technology, he looks and evaluates at how the company works and how his solutions will help the company succeed with technology and works with the team to find the best solution. I cannot say enough at how helpful Chad is.

George Bower

George Bower- Senior Industrial Hygiene & Safety Consultant

If you are looking for an extremely technologically savvy leader to work with your business, Chad is the man for you. I have always been amazed at how abreast of the latest technology Chad is. Whether it is merging new media with proven traditional methods or introducing new tech concepts to the "laymen", Chad finds the way to get your needs accomplished!

Justin Andre

Justin Andre- QA Analyst

Chad Evangelista is a highly experienced IT professional with outstanding communication skills. During my time working with him, he showed great enthusiasm in his work and took extra time to help me grow as a new professional. I learned from him that you can have a positive impact on other members of your company even if you do not work with them directly. Chad is also great to work with because of his jovial personality and patience with others. I would highly recommend him as a colleague

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